Massage Gift Certificates

❤️ Mom – Mothers Day Special

Mothers play such a special role in our lives. This year we’ve been thinking a lot about non-maternial moms and the roles they play. Sister moms, aunt moms, friend moms, matriarchs, co-moms, dog and cat moms. That nurturing, supportive, rule enforcing, clean up the mess role that simply no one else can play. Give them a little something they will really love (beside you!) Use the “Buy Now” Button or click the image below to take you to our PayPal site for gift certificates mailed to your house. No PayPal account is needed, simple check out as a guest. Available May 1st-13th

Choose the “Purchase and Print” pink button to purchase and immediately be able to print a gift certificate from home.

One Hour Massage

2018 Handset Letterpress Mother’s Day Gift Certificate

Our Massage Gift Certificates Make a Special Impression
“I make our gift certificates on incredible paper using a Golding #7 letterpress from 1887.  This beast weights in at about a ton and leaves a satisfying bite in the paper it prints. Though there is no way to match the value of one of our massage and bodywork sessions on something as simple as paper, these gift certificates reflect our commitment to our craft.  They are elegant, handsome and a worthy gift for someone you love.”
Nick Pavoldi, Proprietor, Bodywork Professionals

Three Options to Buy a Massage Gift Certificate

Purchase at our Latham or Saratoga Springs locations
Drop by our office and our staff is happy to assist you

Buy online with PayPal and Receive via US Mail
We will ship your certificate fast and free to your home or loved one. Remember, the delivery of gift certificates via mail can take a few days.