Massage Gift Certificates

Bodywork and Massage Gift Certificates – Valentines Day – Sweet Heart Special

Buy your Sweetheart a massage for Valentines Day and receive a special letterpress made Sweetheart Coaster! Now through Feb 14th only, while supplies last.

Our Massage Gift Certificates Make a Special Impression
“I make our gift certificates on incredible paper using a Golding #7 letterpress from 1887.  This beast weights in at about a ton and leaves a satisfying bite in the paper it prints. Though there is no way to match the value of one of our massage and bodywork sessions on something as simple as paper, these gift certificates reflect our commitment to our craft.  They are elegant, handsome and a worthy gift for someone you love.”
Nick Pavoldi, Proprietor, Bodywork Professionals

Three Options to Buy a Massage Gift Certificate

Purchase at our Latham or Saratoga Springs locations
Drop by our office and our staff is happy to assist you

Buy online with PayPal and Receive via US Mail
We will ship your certificate fast and free to your home or loved one. Remember, the delivery of gift certificates via mail can take a few days.

Session Type

Purchase and Print at Home
Buy through our Mindbody online store and print a certificate out from your home computer.

To choose a specific dollar amount choose “Gift Certificate at $0.00. You’ll be able to add any dollar amount you wish during checkout.

Gift Certificate Policies

  • Gift certificates never expire:
    • For the first year after it is issued, a certificate is worth the printed TIME on the front to be redeemed for a massage or bodywork session.
    • Certificates redeemed after 1 (one) year from date of purchase are subject to current pricing and rules. They are worth the original VALUE and the redeemer will be asked to make up any difference in cost for the service provided.
  • Certificates must be presented at time of service.
  • Certificates may be given as a gift and redeemed by anyone.
  • Certificates cannot be used as tips or to receive cash back.

Couples Massage

We are pleased to offer Couples Massages in the same room in our Saratoga location. Please note: These sessions MUST be pre-paid prior to booking. We accept VISA and Mastercard. It is recommended you phone our office to ensure the appointment is booked properly (in the same room).

The Gift of Massage Shows You Care

Giving one of our special massage gift certificates allows you to share more than just a present—you are bestowing the gift of relaxation and health. You will have the satisfaction of presenting an attractive handmade gift from a locally owned business that employs hard-working therapists and builds up the communities where we live, work, and play.