Our Staff

Nick Pavoldi, A.SiP, LMT

Proprietor~Advanced Rolf Structural Integration

Year Licensed: 1996

Specialty: Rolf Structural Integration

Location: Saratoga and Latham

Nick Pavoldi, A.SiP, LMT began his study of massage in 1995-1996 in Tampa, Florida.  In 2000-2001 he studied at the Guild for  Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado, and Kauai, Hawaii. Combining his wellness philosophy with his entrepreneurial ambitions, in 2006, Nick started Bodywork Professionals in Latham, New York, as a dedicated massage and bodywork studio. Nick chose to prioritize practitioner skills and massage expertise over creating an exclusive spa environment, a choice his clients have valued ever since.

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Amy Adams, LMT

Senior Staff Therapist

Year Licensed: 2012

Specialty: Thai Yoga Massage

Amy Adams, LMT has a professional dance background in New York City. She currently holds the title of  “Hardest Working Girl in the Healing Arts” as she is a full time yoga instructor, dance instructor, and popular massage therapist. She is a great gift giver and creative dresser. Amy is full of beauty and joy.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Kathleen Gates, LMT

Senior Staff Specialist

Year Licensed: 2000

Specialty: Craniosacral Therapy

Location: Saratoga and Latham

Kathleen Gates, LMT, has been a long time friend personally and professionally. She is an extraordinarily skilled therapist who is nurturing and understanding. Kathleen has embarked on a three year Craniosacral training with Turtleback Craniosacral. She has three spirited young children and a super cool husband.

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Lindsay Harvey, LMT

Senior Staff Therapist

Year Licensed: 2005

Specialty: Deep Tissue Massage

Lindsay Harvey, LMT has quickly become one of our most popular staff members. She had been a long time friend and though a wonderful stroke of luck we now have her on staff. Lindsay is a country girl and cares for her amazing garden on her sprawling acreage outside Saratoga Springs. Lindsay’s work is resolute, professional and reliable. She has over a decade of experience and brings a caring, sophisticated approach to her work.

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Heather Kenneally, LMT

Senior Staff Therapist

Year Licensed: 2003

Specialty: Integrative/Inclusive Massage

Heather Kenneally, LMT has a professional dance background and that naturally evolved into Pilates, that evolution continued to Gyrotonic and she is an currently advanced instructor at The Pilates Principle.  Heather’s work draws on her experience of dance, movement and Gyrotonic to create a type of work all her own.

Heather is a continual student of the body and its amazing resilience and complexity. Heather is  really enjoying teaching Gyrotonic at Gyrotonic Albany and is thrilled to be working at Bodyworks with Nick and his amazing staff.

As a person, Heather is both deep and light, brilliant and nutty, caring and funny at the same time. She has two beautiful daughters who keep her and her husband on their toes.

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Rebecca Morris, LMT

Senior Staff Therapist

Year Licensed: 2003

Specialty: Thai Massage

There simply is no way to describe the light that Becky brings to a room. She first entered Bodyworks all effervescent and full of jazz and has been that way every single day since. Through thick and thin, even when she lost her home to fire in December of 2014. Rebecca recently obtained her Masters degree in public health and has a beautiful young son.

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Francine Smith, aka “Frankie”

Senior Staff Massage Therapist

Year Licensed: 2008

Specialty: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Shoulders

Location: Latham

Francine Smith, LMT aka “Frankie” walked into Bodyworks with a baby in her hip and said this is where she wanted to work. She is mother of two energetic youngsters, Tai Kwon Do black belt. Her work is well suited to athletes and rehabilitation as well as nurturing support to mothers with her skill in pre and post natal massage.

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Dan Zavadil, LMT

Senior Staff Massage Therapist

Year Licensed: 2013

Specialty: Integrated bodywork, Deep Tissue Massage, MFR

Location: Latham and Saratoga Springs

Dan Zavadil, LMT came to Bodywork Professionals looking to develop his practice with like-minded therapists. A graduate of CNW School of Massage Therapy, he specializes in deep tissue massage, energy work and relaxation massage. He brings a fresh optimism to our staff and in addition to his skilled therapy and offers an attentive ear as part of his gifts.

Dan is a creative spirit, enjoying both art and music (yes, he has a jammin’ music room at home!) He connects with the “harmony” of people and the arts, creating balance in sessions, meeting each client where they are. Incorporating all of the senses into bodywork helps him achieve benefits for clients.

He enjoys instructing students at the CNW School of Massage Therapy in Albany, NY. Dan’s specialty is working with new therapists, developing their sense of Wellness and Emotional Growth. He has studied closely with Joy Adler, BSHP, local healer and musician/singer.

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Erika Hill, LMT

Apprentice Therapist

Year Licensed: 2017

Specialty: Swedish and Deep Tissue

Location: Latham and Saratoga Springs

Erika Hill, LMT is a recent graduate of the Center For Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy.  Erika is drawn to the field of massage therapy to help people reduce their need for medication. By providing massage for managing pain and stress reduction, she helps clients more holistically.  She finds the human body fascinating, massage therapy has only strengthened her interest.


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