Deep Tissue Bodywork

What is Deep Tissue Bodywork?

This is what Bodywork Professionals specializes in. Deep tissue work focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, utilizing many of the same techniques as in a classic massage but the movement is slower, deeper, and more concentrated on areas of pain.

  • Deep Tissue Bodywork

    • $55 for 30 Minutes
    • $75 for 45 Minutes
    • $95 for 1 Hour
    • $135 for 90 Minutes
    • 15 Minute Add on to any session $20


The goals are to relieve pain and bring back normal movement. The neck, shoulders, and low back are common areas where deep tissue work is especially effective.

Deep tissue massage can be very intense and requires communication between client and therapist. A session may not always have a full body approach.

Who is Deep Tissue Bodywork For?

People with a specific problem area such as the neck or lower back, as well as those with chronic pain, muscle tension or strain, sports injuries, and limited mobility, to name a few.