Swedish Massage


Swedish Massage is the most common form of massage used in the United States. The benefits of this type of massage are abundant. Some of the most common places people will have pain is in the lower back, shoulders, and neck. This can be due to stress but also things like working at a computer all day, driving long distances, or any repetitive movement for extended periods. Sometimes after just one massage people feel a great difference in their body.

  • Swedish Massage

    • $55 for 30 Minutes
    • $75 for 45 Minutes
    • $95 for 1 Hour
    • $135 for 90 Minutes
    • 15 Minute Add on to any session $20


One of the many reasons people get a Swedish massage is to relax and relieve stress. As we all know stress can take quite a toll on the body. It is proven that cells in the brain talk to each other through chemical messengers. When a person is under too much stress, the communication in the brain starts to fail and people start to suffer from sleep disorders, aches and pains, depression and anxiety. Massage helps restore the body’s natural balance.


Anyone who would like to relax and relieve stress.