The Golden Path

The Golden Path

We launching a new membership style service at Bodyworks called “The Golden Path”. It’s sort of the next step of the Golden Ticket.

We’ve found that so many of our Golden Ticket holders use the work for themselves and family members and often request more sessions and we’ve got a way to do that in awesome, simple Bodywork Professionals fashion.

The Golden Path is a monthly membership of $75 that earns you one 60 minute massage each month. Each additional 60 minute massage is $75 and you can have as many $75 a month massages as you’d like. The 90 minute Golden Road is $110, and works just the same way.

The Golden Path allows you to get a regularly occurring time slow so you can have your favorite practitioner when you’d like to see them. And for those who would like to come in more, you’re guaranteed the best price we can offer. in 2019 a one time $99 sign up fee will apply.

If you can’t make it in for one month, no problem, your account will hold the session as long as it’s active.

You may give your credit to a friend or family member for $5 extra. You may also convert your credit to a gift certificate for $10 more.

The Golden Path cycle is one year, but for those that need to cancel you may do so at anytime. If you have unused credits, you’ll have one year after your cancelled membership to use them. Bodywork Professionals reserves the right to cancel the contract at anytime.

Membership models are pretty popular these days and we’ve been working on this for a year to get it right. We started by paying our therapists more for the Golden Road (and Golden Ticket) clients than anybody else. Then we made a simple, straightforward, transparent model for people to see us regularly, and share with with friends and family as they wished.

At this time we are not offering a online purchase option, please call or stop in to join.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I cancel anytime?

Can I suspend my membership?
Sure, for up to 3 months. After 3 months the membership will be reactivated and scheduled payments resume.

Is the Golden Ticket still around?
Yes, The Golden Ticket is still around! For those that don’t want a membership or to freely share their pack of 10 massages, the Golden Ticket is still here for you.

Can I upgrade my a 60-90 minute at the time of session?
Yeah, no problemo

Can I downgrade my 90 minute membership to an hour one time?
That is tricky… not easily because of how the sessions and scheduled and charged for in the system we use. It’s best to plan to stick with a 90 minute if you have a 90 minute Golden Path. We have to bank your 90 minute session and pay for a separate 60 minute session. The 90 will be there for you anytime.

Can I come in more than one a month?
You got it, and the rate is the same $75/$90






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